quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

Chinese proverb

I hear and I forget

I listen and I understand

I do and I remember.

This proverb has become my slogan. That´s why I´ve started to take tennis classes. Its important for me to really feel what Im writing about. In this case, what Im gonna to speak about. And Im writing in English because I´ve just got home after another shot of English classes.

I´ve come here because because I wanted to share this ideia today. To learn something, even to improve something that you already know, it works a lot if you put in pratice your teory knowledge.

Remember the chineses in the first paragraph? Let´s get started!

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Rei disse...

I have never commented in your blog, but the fact is i have attended it regalary since i descovered this link at Lucas' blog. And I have loved it, your way of writting is woanderfull, meaning in portuguese... It's more funny, but it isn't a critical for your way os writting in English, absolutely. I've just said for you know that your text are insteresting, very interesting! Sorry for some english error...

Rei disse...

Aff! Só depois eu vi o tanto de erros... Se tivesse revisado não teria posto regAlary ao invés de regulary, nem "os" no lugar de "of"... Mas na próxima eu acerto, at least i wish it!

Joao Luis Amaral disse...

I'm not Chinese (although I order some Yakisoba from China in Box some times), but would I be or seem, somehow, snobbish if I added one sentence to this proverb? No? Thanks, so here it goes: "I watch and I learn". That's the one I (try to) use in my life as a slogan, just by taking someone as a role model, specially when it comes to someone older than me. Experience is one of the most valuable asset for a person (and money can't buy it!).
Your point of view is perfect: when you FEEL it, you can better understand it, which leads to a closer and deeper knowledge.
See ya! :oP

Inagaki disse...

Quando estudei Letras na USP, minha produção poética escasseou. Ao estudar a fundo poetas como Rimbaud, João Cabral e Maiakovski, eu simplesmente travei: jamais chegaria ao pé desses caras. Meio que me sinto assim quando escrevo textos em inglês. Não que eu me sinta na obrigação de ser um Shakespeare ou um Gay Talese, mas é que ainda estou muito longe de ter a fluência que eu gostaria de ter com as palavras. E aí me limito a cantarolar os versos de uma música antiga do Léo Jaime, que dizia: "I am the book/ You are the table/ And the book is on the table". :P