domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

When Suzana cries

Suzana met Mario in a very unexpected way - during a meeting about how amazing is the human's capacity to recover from an injury.
He was an expert. She was a reporter.
She made a couple of questions.
He gave her a couple of smiles.

After that, they met each other months later, in a bar. By accident.
They became friends and shared some glasses of vodka and orange juice. Hi-fi.
The friendship became something else. They felt something.

Turns out, they finally decided to go out on a date. But they weren't alone. Suzana was afraid. She asked a friend to go with her.
He was handsome.
She was nervous.
She was beautiful
And he was married! Oh mine!
Why could this be? Married? Oh, no.

Suzana told him that she couldnt go any longer with that situation.
She couldnt kiss him. He just touched her hand. That was all.
He said that he understood. It took a long time to see him again. But when this finally happened, it was amazing. They seemed to belong to each other. The kiss was incredible. There was no more questions. Just feelings.

But then... He disappeared again. And lied. Told an old history. At first, he said he was separated. But in the next moment... Everything has changed.

Then Suzana cried.
And Mario has gone.
Lesson learned: He was just not that into you, my darling friend.
But in the next time, save YOUR time and your questions.
Because when you ask something... You are about to hear a response. Even if there are no words...

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Guillermo Diego Basáñez disse...

O que??? I dont understend nadinha de nada!!! Dá pra traduzir???

Anônimo disse...

"How amazing is the human's capacity to recover from an injury". Was that really the title? My God, an event like that HAS to be somehow interesting, ahn? And what about Suzana now? Is she OK? Has she learned any technique given during the meeting? rsrs... Bjs/Maja

L.G disse...

Sometimes in bed
I think about several things we could make together
But when I wake up, I realize that was a dream.
Where a see your face
Pleasure your smile
Touch your hands
Feel your lips
How far is you?
Lonely days
I want these dreams over, and over
That's the only place I have you by my side
I don't wanna be awake
Let me dream forever with you...

Sandra disse...

Seria melhor,não perguntar nada, viver o momento e depois sumir, só prá deixar o tal casado, com a sensação de que quem deve chorar é ele por ter perdido alguem, que na verdade, pensou que seria dele? Tendeu..Suzana?

minicritico disse...

Texto legal, Suzana.

Anônimo disse...

The book is on the table.
The sky is blue.
And I hope Mario to become impotent.


Anonymous Fan