terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

A brain storm

I’ve been thinking. How many people really gets compromised in these days? By compromising, I mean love. Not only the love you’ve just thought, but the art of being supportive to a cause… a man, a woman, a friend, a belief.

Speaking in believes, I realized the faith has been absent and people change their minds all the time. Im not saying that you have to live like as you are plastered or something. For me, freedom is mandatory. But some feelings must be preserved.

Compromising. Tricky word. I discussed with my teacher today about it. About the meaning of this word. Not only what it is written in the dictionary. He told me to try to post here in English and Im trying, right this moment, without thinking. Like Shopenhauer had taught us... because, in the world, there are three kinds of authors. And one kind writes exactly what it comes in mind. And Im doing it. Right now. Because I feel compromised. I really want to get better.

Yeah, I am. I am someone in this world who wants to make some diference. Maybe this text will appear a little bit confusing... But it isn´t. Sorry if I made some mistakes... Im improving my written english. And I have just a few days to take this pressure away...

When you have something really important to do, its natural that you get anxious and a little bit nervous. But you need to find out a way to escape. Thats why I keep writting these nonsense words...

Compromising... I mean, compromised.

I am, I feel, I want... And everything is gonna be alright.

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Joao Luis Amaral disse...

Hey, you!

Didn't know you could also write in English. This is really great! It's hard, I know, but just by practicing we can get better (not only with language skills, but also with ANYTHING in our lives!).

Don't worry about any mistakes. Learning is an ongoing process and if we make mistakes in Portuguese, why not making some in other language? It's part of the process and I you are doing great. Your teacher must be proud of you.

Keep up the good work, always COMPROMISED with your own values and, specially, with your LIFE!

All the best,

p.s.: sorry for MY mistakes... I'm (continuously) practicing...

joanna de assis disse...

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

joanna disse...

Po, Mickey.. tentei postar no teu blog, mas dá erro..
Eu iria dizer o seguinte pra ti, sobre teu último post.
Sem dúvida, o jogador de futebol é um injustiçado!!
Lembro-me bem de uma entrevista que fiz com o Rogério Ceni sobre isso. Segue o trecho:
Joanna: Vc acha que o seu salário é justo?
Ceni: Bom, em relação ao salário do brasileiro, sim, mas em relação ao futebol não. Mas tudo bem... tem gente que ganha 1 milhao por mes e nao é tao feliz quanto um cara que ganha 300 mil ne?


Joao Luis Amaral disse...

He he he!

É um completo absurdo, né?

Por "cinquentinha" por mês, dear, eu jogaria as partidas descalço, dirigiria o ônibus do time, lavaria (e passaria) o uniforme do time todo, correria (ida e volta) até a Jamaica diariamente, cortaria a grama do campo, lavaria e enceraria todos os carros no estacionamento do CT, distribuiria água após os treinos, descoloriria o cabelo, usaria uma camiseta "100% Zona Norte, Zona Sul, Leste e Oeste" e por aí vai.

MASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, provavelmente não teríamos essa engraçada troca de posts sobre o assunto, né? (e, melhor, de graça...).

See ya.


Gustavo D.G. disse...

I'll have a drink and read again... maybe then i'll get it! rs....

Bj Joanna!