domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Don´t let people know what you fear

Keith doesn´t really know what is happening to her. Not a clue. But she feels sad everyday.

She wants to cry, but there are no tears avaliable.
She wants to take a new direction. It seems there is no other way.

Last december, she broke up with Gabriel. So many questions poping since..
Why? Why give up on love before you think you gonna get hurt?
Why throw away a chance to be happy or, at least, to give it a try?

That happens because people fear.
People are cowards. Some of us, like Keith.
She got used being alone. All by herself. No answers to give. No questions. No stress. No love. She thought it would be better like this, no emotions involved. She was wrong.

"Don´t let people know what you fear" - she once heard.
When you are in love with someone, you lose strentgh.
You lose control of your life because your life is not yours any longer. And if you stop to think about for a second, you would say.. Come on! I dont want that! I want my life back.
She was completely wrong.

And the worst part is that she thinks about him every single day. Everyday.
She kept all the memories. The big ones, the silly ones.

The way he use to stare at her. His hands. His soft cheek. Black hair... The white sofa. The black carpet. Her black flowered dress. The chinese food. Japanese food. Wedding. Best man. Dance. All over.

When love takes over, the best thing you can do is surrender. No second thoughts.
No matter what.
She regrets.
Maybe she will talk about it over a dinner. Over a visit. While she tries to get her favourite dvd back. Damm! She was pretty sure he was never going to leave her. But he did.

It might be late to get back.
She is thinking.
Time to dress up with words.
Because right now, she doesnt control her life. Her heart is doing that, and its painfull.
The clock is ticking.
Its time to get it back.

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Fábio Augusto disse...

Oi Joana tudo bem?

Acho que vc não se lembra de mim...
Eu estavana no Corinthians com mais dois amigos qndo vc foi fazer uma entrevista com o Ronaldo, e um dos meus amigos era parecido com o Dagoberto, vc ficou de marcar um encontro com os dois e não rolou, mas isso acontece...rsrs

Agora eu criei um blog pois estou tentando seguir a área de jornalismo esportivo se vc puder dar uma olhada nos textos e deixar sua opnião agradeceria...

me tornei um seguidor seu no twitter...


ELMO disse...

Sou Elmodonizetti do twitter, adoro seu trabalho, vc é demais, trabalho seu é de primeira qualidade.

Fred disse...

Life is a roller coaster. A roller coaster of emotions.

It makes absolutely no sense to live a life with no highs and lows.

The highs and the lows are the moments you will remember. The moments that will make you the person you are. The stories you will be able to tell your grandchildren.

The everyday, stable, straight line is no fun. That you won't remember.

Loving is riding the roller coaster on the first car.

Scream, cry, fear, laugh, grasp for air, feel the adrenaline. That's what life is all about.

PS: Keith, you know what it's even cooler? The ride is free ...

Anônimo disse...

Bullshit. It takes two to tango.

Anônimo disse...

Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach