sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

Having a big mac.

Today, while I was having lunch, after the gym, I saw an incredibly fat woman. She was sat next to me, eating three big macs! No, Im not exagerating! She really was!And there were french fries! And she was whit her fiancè, who is not exactly skinny, but, he was thin. And they seems to be happy. And,for a moment, I felt bad about myself. Why? Because I thought she should eat less... No wonder she was fat! Jesus, she eats three big macs! But... Who asked my opinion? Who said that she is not pleased with her situation?

The question is: Why Im saying all this?
Oh, here it is. One dialogue with a dear friend.

Joanna de Assis diz:
I was thinking about what you said to me yesterday.
Joanna de Assis diz:
About people telling you that you should lose weight
Joanna de Assis diz:
before you ask advice
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
Joanna de Assis diz:
before they know that YES, YOU ARE HAPPY
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
listen, when I went to the doctor for the first time
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
all the obssesed women were married
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
and all of them
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
the husband suported to do the surgery
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
but they said they were beautiful
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
just the way they were.

But its not enough. People cant live with the feeling that they are not in the stantard way of living. A lot of people choose the wrong way... pursuiting the happinness. And It seems to me that its all about patterns. Its all about WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.

Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
in this society, be fat is a huge issue
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
but shouldn´t be
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
First of all, obesity is a disease
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
and we shouldn´t not laught about or complain about
Ivy - It tastes like Paris diz:
second of all, there is nothing wrong to be fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw away the chains.
Have all the big macs you want.
Because the Big mac its just a really big fucking excuse...
If you dont want the big mac.
Dont worry.
Someday you will get there.

6 comentários:

Gustavo D.G. disse...

Tinha um rolo, um corpo bonito, mas achava sempre que tinha que emagrecer. Pessoalmente, eu achava que estava otimo. Dai ela ia emagrecendo... e me perguntava: "vc reparou que eu emagreci". Quando da pergunta, eu sempre pensava: "reparei, mas nao acho isso elogiavel." rsss

marcio disse...

Cada um tem sua beleza, cada um tem sua alegria de viver. Eu adoro sua beleza, sua vontade de viver e sua felicidade.
O olhar dos outros não diz nada, é apenas uma ilusão. Temos que ser feliz do jeito que somos. Devemos olhar no espelho e se apaixonar (sem exageros).
Você é a beleza que o cego enxerga, que o mudo fala, que o surdo escuta. É você, assim, linda. Sem querer agradar ninguém.

Léo Gomide disse...

I don't care..
how heavy, how thin, how skinny
I just want you to give something to love...
Little extra weight could never look nice on nobody else, but you an I could use a little bit more to hold on to...
And if I get a fright in the middle of the night, I will cling to you...
I hope you got fat..

Ivy Farias disse...

Palmas pro Gustavo minha gente. Foi a melhor do semestre: "Reparei, mas isso não é elogiável".

Fabrícia ♥ disse...

whaaaat? x)
eu gostei da cor do blog, oooooun, ta lindaa ;))

Zeca Cardoso disse...

Genial esse post!